Advanced technology for better service

From acceptance of credit and debit cards on vending machines to emission reducing software, we invest in innovations that benefit our customers.

Innovative equipment

Vending machines with built in product delivery sensors that refund money if no product is dispensed.

Pay by phone

Mobile payment enabled vending machines and micro-market kiosks allow easy purchasing and greater convenience.

Instant reports

Web-based data collection produces real-time reports on sales and the status of your product levels.

Sustainable practices

Energy Star® certified vending machines and processes that reduce wasted resources, including food and fuel.

Vending machines in Chicago

Bring the cafe to
the break room

Make your office coffee service a benefit employees will relish. Yami Vending offers gourmet beans and sophisticated brewers from traditional coffee machines to single-cup brewing. Add fine teas and extras like creamers and customized cups for a truly exceptional benefit for employees.

Enjoy a modern micro-market with a customized refreshment menu and 24/7 self-checkout.

Enhance the employee experience

Reward your talented staff with free edible benefits in the break room using pantry service. We can help, whether it’s delivering fresh fruit weekly or stocking shelves of snack items, fresh food, and cold beverages. It’s professional service from one provider.

Best break room solution

Large or small, we custom design not just service, but an entire break room solution for our customers. Call it having the values of a Chicagoland family-owned business or the expertise of an experienced service provider, either way it’s how we enhance the culture in your business. Enjoy state-of-the-art equipment filled with the latest product selections and the ability to customize anything in the break room to fit your needs. Call us, and you will experience a new level of service.

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Office Coffee

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Cashless Pantry

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Corporate Wellness

When having the best break room service matters, it’s time to contact Yami Vending at 847.423.2448;