Free food and drink for all

We handle delivery and/or stocking of edible items in your break room to provide a superior employee benefit.

Tell us your needs, and we will create a custom cashless pantry solution. It means free food, snacks, and drinks for your employees, but without the hassle of a full-time employee to management it. Get a better value with bulk delivery of items or have us manage the entire service with stocking — whichever better fits your needs.

Transform your break room into an employee
retention tool with free food and drink pantry

Create a break room employees love

Providing no cost refreshment delivers the ultimate break room experience to your employees.

Pantry service in Chicago

Paper products

Bring in the cups, napkins, and other products to make your break room the ideal benefit.

Sustainable products in Chicago

Sustainable products

Show your support for the planet by opting for biodegradable break room supplies, including cups, plates, and napkins.

Chicago pantry services


Indulge in nature’s bounty when Yami Vending delivers ripe and delicious fruit to your location.

Healthy options in Chicago


Add sanitary bulk dispensers of your favorite dry goods including cereals and snacks.

Bulk candy in Chicago

Bulk candy

No more germs in the candy jar thanks to our sanitary, bulk treat containers that can safety dispense popular candies.

Pantry service benefits in Chicago

Great benefit

Because offering items free to employees is a great benefit, cashless pantry is a must-have.

Chicago pantry services for your office

Expert partner

Years of experience means we knows how to provide the best pantry service to Chicago employees.

Personalized pantry services in Chicago

Bulk delivery

Save money and time by getting products delivered to your facility break room in bulk.

Better tasting water

Improve a beverage you already have onsite to make it an employee benefit — water. With our point-of-use water filtration systems, there is no need for 5 gallon water coolers. The unit connects right to your water line, filtering out the contaminants that affect taste. Delicious, pure tasting water is available on demand hot, cold, or warm. Filtration also improves the taste of your coffee and tea as an extra bonus. Don’t forget turning that filtered water to ice with one of our office model ice machines.

Get a break room that rivals all others in Chicago with service from Yami Vending at 847.423.2448;