Experience the exceptionally fresh quality of instantly ground beans brewed just for you.

Traditional coffee pots

Brew delicious and reliable coffee by the pot with our modern traditional coffee brewers.

Single cup brewers

Provide a personalized coffee experience with a commercial grade single-cup coffee machine.

Make fair trade mainstream

For years we have been offering fair trade coffee so customers can enjoy high quality beans while ensuring an improved quality of life for coffee-growing families.

There is still much to learn about how to effectively apply the fair trade model. Yami Vending is proud to be part of this program that delivers, measures, monitors, and evaluates the fair trade ideal, ensuring the program meets the high standards it was designed to encompass.

Office coffee and tea services in Chicago

High quality at affordable prices

The Yami brand private label coffee features great tasting beans farmed in regions known for quality coffee. It’s available in a variety of flavors and blends to ensure the perfect option for your taste buds. This line provides an opportunity to offer an elevated coffee experience at a lower price than national brands.

Tea services in Chicago
Chicago tea services for offices

Tea time,

Premium teas that together form a tea bar at your facility that all Chicago employees will want.

Tea is a fast growing beverage segment, both hot tea and as an iced beverage. Many teas have been associated with health benefits through a variety of research, adding to their general popularity. Ensure you are offering an impressing array of teas to your employees and potential new hires.

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