How to Bring Sustainability to Your Chicago Office

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How to Bring Sustainability to Your Chicago Office

In April, we celebrated Earth Day! It’s the ideal month to talk about sustainability in the workplace. We can all help the Earth, even at work. Yet, there are so many eco-friendly options out there. How then should you approach going green?

When it comes to the break room, sustainability is easy. At Yami Fresh, we’re here to help you to do good for the environment! Our services do much more than improve workplace culture. Here are some ways our Chicago break room services support sustainability:

Sustainability in Your Office Coffee and Water Service

Yami Fresh’s Chicago office coffee service serves up fresh java all day long. Both our single-cup and traditional coffee brewers are great options. That’s because they can help your office cut down on single-use cups. Instead, staff can use reusable mugs when making lattes. Plus, employees can reduce short car trips to the local coffee shop.

Adding our Bevi water filtration system to your break room is another great move. Why? Employees can use refillable water bottles instead of single-use bottles. Plus, with the Bevi, employees can enjoy sparkling or flavored water. Good hydration can improve your employees’ mood and also boost productivity. That’s good news for the environment and your business!

Go even further by giving employees branded reusable water bottles. Reusable water bottles can help eliminate one-use plastic water bottles in your office. The less plastic waste, the better. At the same time, you will increase brand awareness when others see your team’s water bottles.

Improve Sustainability at Lunch

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Cut down on trips in the car by bringing a Chicago micro-market to your break room. With a micro-market, your team can pick up a healthy lunch without leaving the building. Our micro-markets also have your team’s favorite snacks and drinks. Plus, it’s great for the wallet!

Concerned employees can also work together on sustainability. For example, they could create a “Meatless Mondays” group. Reducing the amount of meat in your diet is not only good for the environment, but it’s also great for your health! Instead, employees can focus on veggie-based meals on Mondays. The company can help by giving employees space to create groups and brainstorm ideas to improve sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

Technology is on your side when it comes to saving the planet. Our micro-markets and vending services use the latest technology. For example, we remotely monitor our product inventory.  That way, we know what refreshments you need and when you need them. With this in mind, we can organize the most efficient routes for restocking the break room. This eliminates extra trips and reduces the use of gas.

Plus, our Chicago vending services use energy-efficient machines with LED lighting which keeps energy usage low. Not only is this good for the environment, but it can also save your company money when it comes to electrical usage.

Sustainability on the Road

Are you ready to go the extra mile? Your Chicago company can also encourage people to consider the Earth in how they get to work. For example, help organize carpooling among staff. Or, encourage employees to bike or walk to work. Working from home a few times a week can also reduce the use of car emissions without sacrificing productivity.

It is possible to care for the Earth in the office and break room! All it takes is a little bit of creativity. At Yami Fresh, we’re your partner in sustainability. Get in touch with us at 847.423.2448 or to learn more about our break room solutions. We can’t wait to work with you!