A Micro-Market is a Game-Changer for Your Chicago Office

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A Micro-Market is a Game-Changer for Your Chicago Office

Every company needs staff. All staff needs breaks and food. This is where Yami Fresh can help. Let us introduce you to a micro-market. It is an important asset to your business. It is also the perfect refreshment solution for Chicago employees.

The benefit of a Chicago micro-market is that it offers more than vending. The coolers and snack racks are carefully laid out. Employees shop at the it easily. They can pick up products and read labels. They can purchase the product at the self-checkout kiosk. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

Features of a micro-market

One feature most liked in a micro-market is the variety of refreshments. Because of the racks and open shelves, there is room for hundreds of products. For example, there are plenty of healthy snack options. They also include a glass front cooler. This makes it easy to see vegetables, healthy meals, and cold beverages inside.

The power behind a micro-market is the secure, self-checkout kiosk. Not only does it allow you to buy products, but it also offers discounts. At the kiosk, sign up for a micro-market account. That way you get sale prices and loyalty rewards. The kiosk also allows Yami Fresh to remotely monitor stock levels. We know exactly when your Chicago micro-market needs restocking. This ensures you will always have snacks and drinks.

Finally, the self-checkout kiosk allows 24-hour access. The market is always open. What could be more convenient?

Benefits employees

Chicago Micro-Market | Increased Productivity | Healthy Food Options

Time is valuable, especially for busy workers. That’s why a micro-market located in the break room is a powerful employee benefit. Plus, it will save them money. Why? Because they will no longer need to leave the office and eat at expensive restaurants or coffee shops. They have access to delicious food at a great price.

It’s well-known that people bond over food. A break room solution, like a micro-market or office pantry, brings people together. Employees will come for refreshments and enjoy a space that helps them strengthen social bonds with co-workers.

Helps your Chicago business

A Chicago micro-market doesn’t just benefit workers. It is beneficial for the employer too. How? Because food and drink on site increase productivity. Workers are happier and more focused on their jobs.

Yami Fresh will do the hard work to install the market and personalize it for your company. In addition, we keep track of all products, restocking, and technical support. You get the benefits without the hassle.

A micro-market is a perfect start to a break room transformation. It creates a space for employee collaboration. It can contribute to corporate wellness as well. Fresh food and healthier options are available in the market. Employees will be able to choose products that meet their health and wellness goals.

A Micro-Market is a must-have

If your break room service needs a refresh, consider a micro-market. It will revamp your Chicago break room and deliver a better employee experience.

Contact Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448 or email info@yamivending.com for information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, or vending services. We look forward to working with you!