Chicago micro-markets
On trend design
Innovative features and custom open shelves make micro-markets a sophisticated addition to any Chicago business.

Self-serve kiosk in Chicago
Pay in more ways
The micro-market kiosk accepts a variety of payments including cash, credit/debit card, and even mobile payments.

Micro-markets in Chicago
Customized selections
Each micro-market includes a personalized array of products, from snacks to fresh items, that will appeal to your staff.

It’s time to experience a
break room transformation.

Revolutionize the way your Chicago employees experience the break room with a micro-market by Yami Vending. We can transform any room into an inviting and relaxing space with fresh food, cold beverages and everyone’s favorite snacks.

Ensure the ultimate break room experience

More options and more freedom thanks to the open concept micro-market solution.

Chicago micro-markets

Easy-to-use kiosk

The intuitive checkout and touchscreen create a superior refreshments experience for employees.

At-work shopping

Micro-markets provide a mini market inside your Chicago business, ideal for hard-working employees.

Smart inventory

The online system keeps track of all items sold in real-time, creating restocking lists and sales reports.

Safe & secure

With 24-hour digital surveillance and built-in theft deterrents, micro-markets are a secure refreshment solution.

Chicago micro-markets
Make your break room the envy of all Chicago businesses with a micro-market from Yami Vending at 847.423.2448;