Bevi machines in Chicago

Delicious water with sparkle and flavor

Update the traditional office water cooler with something extra special, a bevi unit that can add carbonation, flavor, and sweeteners.

Part water cooler and part water customizations station, the bevi transforms the break room into a beverage destination. Impress Chicago employees and customers with dozens of water-based drink options to create using the touchscreen interface. Both the floor standing model and counter-top bevi unit draw water from existing water lines, making the bevi environmentally friendly. The units then filter the water for a better, cleaner taste, that can be further enhanced for a truly personalized drinking experience.

Explore how a bevi will improve your Chicago workplace

Water with WOW

CO2 Infused

Bevi allows complete water customization, including how much sparkle to add along with flavors and sweeteners.

Innovative filters

Carbon filtration

Filters with activated charcoal remove impurities in Chicago water that negatively impact taste to deliver a delicious beverage.

Automated inventory

Smart restocking

Bevi units are connected to the internet, automatically requesting service when running low, eliminating manual inventory.

Eco-friendly option

More sustainable

With no bottles to produce, transport, store, or recycle, the bevi is a better option for the environment.

Some of our taste-bud approved flavors

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