Specially prepared coffee for a smoother, tastier experience

Decoding cold brew

Cold brew is a coffee beverage made using a flavor-enhancing process and then served at room temperature or with ice.

The process

High quality coffee beans are ground and steeped in room-temperature water for hours to exact maximum flavor.

Better flavor

By not using hot water, the cold brew coffee is less bitter and develops a wonderfully smooth taste.

Not iced coffee

Iced coffee is traditionally brewed coffee poured over ice, whereas cold brew is steeped in water that is not heated.

Cold brew coffee in Chicago

Tankless nitro system produces luscious texture

Employees love nitro cold brew on tap. It’s a great all-day option in the Chicago break room. Yami Fresh makes it easy to deliver with the Umbria system. First use the carefully made concentrate to make the perfect cold brew coffee. Next, connect this to the kegerator which includes a built-in nitro system. There are no CO2 or Nitrogen tanks to store separately. The special, tankless process delivers a great on-tap experience with a cold brew that has luscious texture.

Now serving cold brew on TAP!

Craft brew

Inspire employees with the quality and origins of our cold brew coffee.

Bottle saver

Eliminate 80 to 160 single-use PET bottles with cold brew from a keg.

Tap it

Elevate the cold brew experience with a tankless nitro system.

Go for better

Stand out in the Chicago area with a coffee solution employees crave.

Chicago cold brew coffee

Get even more varietywith bottled cold brew options

Yami Fresh also offers many national brand cold brew choices in single-serve bottles and cans. They are a great way to offer the cold brew Chicago employees want without the burden of taps and nitrogen systems.

When you’re ready for cold brew service, call in Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448; info@yamivending.com.