Enrich your coffee service
with single-cup brewers

Impress your employees and enhance your benefit package when you upgrade to a single cup brewer.

Innovation and technology combined with premium coffee brands define our single-cup coffee service. With a wide array of flavor combinations, you get a fresh cup of coffee personalized to your preferences, every time.

A high-performance workplace brewer with enhanced drink and menu display options, making it easier than ever to create and enjoy the perfect brew. Perfect for 50+ employees.

Mars Drinks Flavia
CREATION 500 Brewer

This brewer is made for those who want specialty coffee without anyone making pots, refilling pods, or topping off bean hoppers. It is self-contained and offers four coffee beverage selections, specialty drinks, all made with real milk.

Smucker Select Brew® C60
Specialty Coffee System

This brewer offers a convenient way to offer multiple hot drinks with a single machine thanks to brand-name coffees, lattes, hot chocolates, hot teas, and more all in compatible K-Cup formats. Each drink brews in less than 60 seconds.


This large capacity brewer boasts a sleek design and features easy to fill ingredient canisters, as well as a convenient waste bucket that can be emptied without opening the machine. The design ensures a hassle-free, optimal coffee experience.

de Jong DUKE Nio 20.3

With its moden design and user-friendly interface, the Verea offers quality product with a compact design. The beans are freshly ground, just before brewing, giving you exceptional coffee to start your day.

de Jong DUKE Varea 81|35

Using the large touchscreen, a user can choose a hot beverage recipe, personalize it, and start the brewing process, which includes freshly ground beans, the perfect coffee extraction, and high-quality add-ins.

de Jong DUKE Virtu

Coffee shop quality
right in your break room

Single-cup brewers offer more brewing options while keeping the quality high and reducing waste. Your employees can save money on delicious, in-house brews and build relationships with their coworkers over a cup of joe. With advanced machine design, enjoy more efficient processes and happier employees.

A fresh cup every time

Several options to satisfy any customer

Modern technology for easy use

A way to boost your company culture

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