Enrich your coffee service

Exchanging traditional coffee brewing for a single cup coffee brewer impresses employees and enhances your benefit package.

Always fresh

Exchanging traditional coffee brewing for a single cup coffee brewer impresses employees and enhances your benefit package.

Oodles of options

These brewers offer cafe-like drink personalization with different drink flavors, add-ins and brewing options.

Attention grabbing

Impress both employees and customers with highly personalized single cup coffee in your break area.

Innovative technology

Patented technology ensures each drink is brewed quickly and without contaminating the next beverage.

Culture boosting

Ensure your Chicago workplace is competitive with customizable coffee based drinks served on site.

Well-known brand

Yami Fresh is proud to be an authorized distributor of the popular Keurig single cup coffee brewer for Chicago businesses. It’s a convenient way to offer multiple hot drinks with a single machine thanks to hundreds of brand name coffees, lattes, hot chocolates, hot teas and more all in compatible K-Cup formats. Each drink brews in less than 60 seconds.

Office-only option

For workplaces looking for a commercial single cup brewer with plenty of variety, Yami Fresh is authorized to distribute the Mars Drinks Flavia brewer. The flat packs are specialized, only available through coffee service providers helping businesses ensure usage is only at the workplace. Hundreds of coffee varieties, teas, and other hot beverages flavors are available, making it an impressive single cup solution.

From bean to brew

For the Chicago office elite looking to stand out, Yami Fresh offers the De Jong Duke Virtu single cup brewer. Using the large touchscreen, a user can choose a hot beverage recipe, personalize it, and start the brewing process, which includes freshly ground beans, the perfect coffee extraction, and high-quality add-ins. The bean to cup brewer provides the sounds and smells of a coffee shop right in the break room.

Gourmet coffee dispenser

For locations that want specialty coffee with ease without anyone making pots, refilling pods, or topping off bean hoppers, Yami Fresh offers the Smucker’s Select Brew Liquid Coffee. The brewer is completely self-contained, but still offers four coffee beverage selections, including specialty drinks made with real milk. It’s a high-quality, delicious coffee experience at the push of a button.

Reinforce your status among Chicago businesses with a elevated single cup coffee brewer program from Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448; info@yamivending.com.