4 Reasons Chicago Businesses Should Consider a Cashless Pantry Service

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4 Reasons Chicago Businesses Should Consider a Cashless Pantry Service

During the workday, Chicago employees need the chance to take a quick break and refuel. As many as 90% of people eat at least one snack per day. Some people may even replace a meal with a healthy snack. Companies can create a more comfortable, productive workplace by providing refreshments in the break room. One outstanding break room solution is a cashless pantry.

A well-stocked cashless pantry can boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being. Read on to learn more about this employee perk.

What Is a Cashless Pantry?

Take a step into a cashless pantry also known as an office pantry service. It has a wide range of complimentary refreshments.Think of it as an upgrade from a Chicago vending service. Office pantries can include snacks, beverages, and even fresh food items. These refreshments are offered complimentary to employees and the business is conveniently billed once a month.

A Chicago cashless pantry can be customized. In other words, companies can choose the size and style. A cashless pantry can be scaled up or down based on what the business needs. It can be kept  simple with snack items and beverages. Or, the business can scale up. Create a corporate kitchen that’s stocked with snacks, beverages, and fresh and frozen refreshments. It’s even possible to include favorite local products! Or, companies can add extra services such as a Bevi water cooler. That way, employees can make a customized cup of still, flavored, or carbonated water.

Benefits of a Chicago Cashless Pantry Service:

Adding a cashless pantry to your Chicago break room is an excellent way to improve the workplace environment. Here are some specific benefits you can gain:

1. Increased Employee Morale and Productivity

Adding a well-stocked cashless pantry shows employees you care. That leads to increased job satisfaction, morale, and productivity.

Working through hunger is not ideal. A cashless pantry gives employees quick access to nourishing snacks. That can help maintain energy levels. When employees feel a mid-afternoon slump coming on, they can head to the pantry for a beverage or snack that will help them refocus.

Plus, a cashless pantry is convenient. When Chicago employees can find great refreshments onsite, they don’t have to leave the building. That can save them time and help them truly refresh during breaks.

2. Collaboration and Networking Between Coworkers

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Your Chicago break room is a gathering place. There, employees from different departments can connect. When people are friendly and get along well, they also work better together. A great break room can help foster teamwork. Plus, an office pantry can help make the break room fun and engaging again. Conversations flow easily over a cup of coffee or a tasty snack. It is often through casual chats that colleagues share new ideas. More conversations improve communication, helping spark innovative ideas.

3. Improved Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is a top priority for Chicago businesses. You can help your employees reach their health goals in the break room. Offer a variety of nutritious and healthy options. For example, stock up on apples, bananas, and seasonal fruit. Or, add whole grain or high-protein snacks. When employees can make healthier choices, they boost well-being. This can lead to fewer sick days taken. Plus, when people feel good, they can focus and be more effective in the office.

4. Recruit and Retain Top Talent for Your Company

A cashless pantry can add lots of value to your company. When attracting new talent, this employee benefit can help your business stand out. This workplace perk can also build loyalty among your staff. It also shows how committed your company is to employee well-being.

Building loyalty among staff can save money. Research shows that replacing an employee is very costly. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, recruiting and retaining a new staff person can cost up to 200% of their salary. It takes a long time to find the right new employee. A well-stocked cashless pantry can help cut down on this time by attracting top talent.

How to Design Your Chicago Cashless Pantry

Give staff the outstanding cashless pantry they deserve. This break room solution can also bring many benefits to your Chicago workplace. Yami Fresh is here to help design a cashless pantry that meets your needs and budget. Contact Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448 or info@yamivending.com.  We look forward to working with you!