vending machines and office coffee service in Hoffman EstatesHoffman Estates Needs More Vending Machines

We know how to design the perfect food and beverage vending selection for your Hoffman Estates office break room. We offer brand names that are always a favorite and we offer an assortment of products so that employees are given the opportunity to taste new options. To answer your questions about healthy vending, we offer a line of better-for-you vending machine beverages that meet the national FitPick nutritional standards. As far as snack vending machines we offer traditional choices, as well as healthy ones. Hoffman Estates employees can enjoy a fulfilling and tasteful meal thanks to our food vending machines which offer items like sandwiches, salads, burgers, and wraps.

Magnificent Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Hoffman Estates

Our one stop office and tea service provides employees with fully stocked shelves to complete your Hoffman Estates office break room. Yami Vending is dedicated to providing your Hoffman Estates business with coffees, teas, stir sticks, napkins, creamers, and everything you need to brew yourself your perfect cup of coffee or tea. We offer traditional equipment that allows employees to brew themselves a pot of coffee with that gourmet flavor. Of course for the nontraditional coffee drinkers we offer single cup brewers that are designed for everyone to brew up the specialty drink that they prefer.
Your Hoffman Estates employees will receive great tasting water thanks to our advanced water filtration system that is plumed directly into your existing water line. Our bottle less water filtration units are a great addition to your Hoffman Estates office break room because not only are they eco-friendly but they leave you with pure refreshing water that removes impurities that affect taste. Available in two models, a floor standing or counter top version that dispenses both hot and cold water.

vending service and micro-markets in Hoffman EstatesHoffman Estates Meets the Micro-Market

A micro-market is an open concept mini store that enhances and increases the selection of your Hoffman Estates office break room snacking and beverage options. With open coolers and racks where employees can personally pick out the items that they would like to purchase. Hoffman Estates employees will love the increased selection of products like name fresh food and beverages. The self-checkout kiosks allow the micro-market to be open for 24 hours a day and they accept both credit and debit. Micro-markets use completely online reporting and lets us know what items need to be restocked before we visit.

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