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of vending machines

Vending machines in Chicago

Refreshing Drinks

Choose from a variety of sodas, teas, juices, and more in our beverage vending machines.

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Sweet & Savory Snacks

Our snack vending machine’s are stocked with classic favorites and trendy new treats.

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Fresher Food

From sandwiches to savory salads, we offer fresh food selections that will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

Smart snacks for a
healthier generation

Yami Fresh is proud to offer Chicago schools healthy
vending solutions.

We follow the USDA Smart Snacks for School program, as well as the guidelines set by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to offer students refreshments that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Cutting-edge refreshment solutions

Customers can enjoy a better break with our state-of-the-art vending machines.

Office vending services in Chicago

Remote Connection
Wireless technology that details, in real-time, what has been sold in each vending machine, and what needs to be restocked.

Vending technology in Chicago

Trusted Equipment
Improved customer satisfaction thanks to industry-leading vending equipment built to deliver day after day.

Vending machines in Chicago
Vending payment options in in Chicago

Cashless Payments
Purchase products with ease using a mobile wallet or
credit card.

Snack vending machines in Chicago

The Brands You Love
Enjoy the latest must-have products in your vending machine, all from the brands you know and trust for taste and quality.

Enhance your experience with
healthy vending

Your Chicago employees will love the convenience and variety of better-for-you products in the break room.

Low-Calorie Selections

Smart inventory technology

Remotely monitored & secure

Sustainable equipment

Superior vending services attuned to your needs

We give Chicago employees exactly what they want and when they want it with our custom vending solutions.

Create an enticing Chicago break room with better vending machines!