Food vending machines in Chicago
Make employees happy

The convenience of fresh food in the break room is a win for employees who want options without leaving the workplace.

Employees will adore our locally made food, available onsite when and where they want it.

  • Made in local FDA-approved commissary
  • Delivered fresh to ensure peak flavor
  • Quality ingredients enhance every bite
  • Timely and convenient via the food vending machine
  • Available onsite in the micro-market food cooler

Chicago food vending machines
Vending machines with food in Chicago
Boost staff morale

Locally made, this delicious fresh food satisfies both employee hunger and demand for a deeper connection to Chicago.

Build the employee perk program by opting for delicious fresh food that rivals Chicago’s delis.

  • Onsite quality food at a great value
  • Eliminates the need to leave the facility
  • Subsidies available to increase the benefit
  • Upgrade to pantry service so all food is free
  • Outstanding way to retain employees

Chicago vending machines with food
Employee preferred food

Offering fresh food items to employees enhances the benefit of the break room, making it an employee perk.

Choose the fresh food items that will appeal to your staff including a mix of healthy entrees and fresh sides.

  • Personalized food options to fit your location
  • Regularly rotate in new food items to try
  • Make requests for different items
  • Include a wide range of healthy food options
  • Multiple entrees available, from salads to sandwiches

Vending machines with food in Chicago
Food vending machines in Chicago
Create a break room oasis

Quality ingredients go into making each item, ensuring its fresh and on-trend with what employees want.

Hungry employees are distracted and leave work, so offer them a delicious alternative with fresh food.

  • Fresh food options increase morale
  • Examine items up close in a micro-market
  • Tailor food selections to fit your tastes
  • Create the ultimate break room experience
  • Gift employees time and money with onsite food

Chicago food vending machines

Bring a variety of fresh food offerings
into your break room

Make your break room the envy of all Chicago businesses with a micro-market from Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448;