Delivering innovative vending machines and other break room solutions in Chicago

Focused on the future

Yami Fresh uses the best new and upcoming technology to improve service and provide you what you need, when you need it.

Card transactions

No need for cash, our vending machines and kiosks accept credit and debit cards for all purchases.

Mobile enabled

Have a mobile wallet? Use that to make a snack or drink purchase at our vending machines and kiosks.


Enjoy convenient snacks and save the planet with a vending machine built to national energy standards.

Online equipment tracking

Never be out of product thanks to vending machines that report back to the cloud and our service team.

Delivery guarantee

Infrared sensors that detect when a product is dispensed, trigger a refund if it does not, eliminating lost money.

Top-line machines and kiosks

Ensure your Chicago break room has state-of-the-art vending machines and self-checkout kiosks.

All-in-one service

Enjoy the benefits of our mobile app. Vending customers can send product requests or service notifications directly via the app, eliminating a lengthy service time.

LED lights installed

Substantial energy usage and cost is saved by switching to LED lights in vending machines. They are brighter, more eye-catching, and better for the environment than fluorescent tubes.

Going greener

From cardboard recycling to reducing fossil fuel usage, we our focused on recycling, reducing and reusing. We constantly look for ways to improve our facility.

Energy rated

All our vending machines have been designed to operate within energy usage standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency under the energy program.

Making the world greener

Applying the latest technology, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint. Advancements in scheduling and online tracking improve the sustainability of our service.

Invest in a partner that invests in technology — Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448;