What we’re thankful for this year 

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What we’re thankful for this year 

‘Tis the season! It’s important to practice gratitude all year long, but this time of year is a great reminder to recognize what we’re thankful for. And there truly is so much to recognize and celebrate. At Yami Fresh, we’re extra thankful for excellent break room solutions. From tasty snacks to refreshing beverages and fresh foods in your office micro-market, creating great break rooms brings us joy.

In 2022, we’ve helped numerous Chicagoland businesses build positive break room spaces and welcome staff back to the office. After reflecting on a wonderful year, we couldn’t be more excited for the next one to come!

We’re thankful for our team

At Yami Fresh, our team is dedicated to going the extra mile. We’re grateful for every member of the Yami Fresh family. We work well and diligently together to deliver the best Chicago vending and office coffee services. It’s what we do, and we love it!

Not only do we care about the work, but we care about each other. We uplift one another in the same way we do our customers. We’re especially thankful to the leadership team for their guidance during challenging times. It’s their resolve to meet company goals and their willingness to celebrate achievements that make them great. It’s a team effort!

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Thank you to our Chicago customers

Most importantly, we are incredibly grateful for our amazing Yami Fresh customers. Our loyal customers entrust us with their refreshment solutions. Whether they are looking for traditional refreshments or healthy options to support corporate wellness programs, we can help. They believe in our mission and trust us to offer unique solutions to meet their needs.

But we’re also thankful for those who have yet to become a part of the Yami Fresh circle. We are grateful to our potential clients. They give us a chance to discuss our Chicago refreshment solutions. Plus, how we can provide options to address their specific needs. From businesses to residential to Chicago area schools, it’s our pleasure to make a difference for our customers.

Thankful for high-quality refreshment services

We couldn’t talk about gratitude without mentioning the delicious foods, beverages, and snacks in Chicago break rooms! Yami Fresh will work with you to create the ultimate break room experience. From a Chicago office pantry service to a micro-market, we’ll optimize the products and customize them for your needs. And trust us, we only deliver the good stuff!

Yami Fresh offers an office coffee service that rivals your favorite local coffee shop. Our modern vending services offer traditional and healthy options. Our pantry service is the perfect way to show staff they are valued and appreciated. The options go on and on. We’re beyond grateful for the opportunity to bring these products to your break room.

Show your team how thankful you are!

Show your staff how grateful you are for their hard work with delicious snacks and beverages. Contact Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448 or info@yamivending.com for more information about our break room solutions. We offer micro-markets, office coffee, cashless pantry, vending services, and more. We look forward to working with you!