Cashless Pantry Service For Your Chicago Break Room

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Cashless Pantry Service For Your Chicago Break Room

A great Chicago break room goes a long way. The return to in-office work days is in full swing. And providing high-quality snacks and beverages is a great way to improve employee satisfaction. What’s more? Providing a cashless pantry service will take your break room solutions a step further. It’s an excellent way to keep employees healthy and happy.

At Yami Fresh, not only do we offer a cashless pantry service, but we also offer an office coffee service, vending services, as well as micro-market solutions. So, are you ready to upgrade your Chicago break room? Then keep reading below for everything you need to know.

What is a cashless pantry service?

Your Chicago employees will love a cashless pantry service. In short, it offers employees complimentary refreshments in the office. So, they can stay fueled and energized throughout the workday. You can include everything from fresh foods and snacks to beverages and bulk items for your company break room. Trust us, employees will love you for this!

And guess what? We install the pantry and stock it with the products you want. You can even customize it to your company’s budget and needs, including healthy options and a diverse selection of refreshments.

What are the benefits for Chicago employees?

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Employees want to feel cared for and appreciated. And offering a  cashless pantry service is the perfect way to do just that. Having easy access to free grab-and-go refreshments during a busy day will help support employees’ everyday health and wellbeing. As a result, they’ll feel more energized and motivated at work. Plus, having a place to chat on their break will help them strengthen social bonds with fellow employees, creating an interactive workspace.

What are the benefits for the business?

According to a survey by Peapod, 67% of employees are  “extremely” or “very” happy at their job when they have access to free food. It’s clear then that a cashless pantry service can lead to higher employee satisfaction. Yes, that’s a great thing for the business! Why? Because you can leverage a cashless pantry service to strengthen your recruitment and retention strategy. When you work with Yami Fresh, it’s a hassle-free experience, as we help you maintain a stocked break room. In other words, we keep track of everything for you! Between a great office coffee service and a cashless pantry service, you’ll have the best Chicago break room out there.

Consider a cashless pantry service for your Chicago break room

So, are you ready to upgrade your Chicago break room with a cashless pantry service? Provide employees with convenient and easy access to their favorite foods, snacks and drinks. Both the company and the employees will reap the benefits! When employees are fueled with nutritious food and beverages, they’ll have the time and energy they need to succeed!

Contact Yami Fresh at 847-423-2448 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, or vending, services. We look forward to working with you!