Boost employee appreciation with a well-known brand

Set yourself apart from Chicago competition with a quality single cup coffee service that includes Keurig Green Mountain.

For over 35 years, Keurig Green Mountain has been committed to excellent coffee and perfecting its single cup brewing system. Keurig Green Mountain has been so successful, dozens of leading product brands decided to partner with Keurig Green Mountain in order to create K-Cup pods. The result is that your Chicago employees can choose from more than 500 coffee and hot drink options and brew them easily on-site.

Keurig Green Mountain coffee products in Chicago

Hundreds of choices

More than 50 leading coffee, tea, and cocoa brands have partnered with Keurig Green Mountain to produce hundreds of drink options. Any type of coffee roast, blend, tea, hot chocolate, etc. is available as a K-Cup pod.

Chicago Keurig Green Mountain coffee products

Brewing innovation

Keurig Green Mountain has been called a brand that makes life easier and one that consumers can’t live without. The system reshaped the coffee experience into a fast, fresh must-have that everyone can personalize and enjoy.

Chicago Keurig coffee brewers

Exacting appraisal

From visually inspecting the coffee beans to licensed Q-graders tasting the coffee, Keurig Green Mountain is serious about its commitment to quality. Coffees are tasted and evaluated up to seven times before being allowed into the K-Cup pod family.

Coffee is a unique opportunity to bring people together

Keurig Green Mountain believes in connecting people across the world through delicious, quality coffee.

To ensure coffee can be enjoyed for years to come, Keurig Green Mountain has committed to increasing sustainability. It has launched an endeavor to make K-Cups recyclable, reduce or eliminate waste, collaborate with coffee farmers to find eco-friendly growing techniques, and build up communities in coffee-farming countries.

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