Superior snacks that elevate the break room

Satisfy hunger, increase productivity, and boost morale.

Transform your break room into a snacking experience with the latest variety of quality snack choices.

Unique selections

Create a completely customized snack vending machine by requesting non-traditional items to go along with best sellers.

Guaranteed delivery

Sensors inside the vending machine detect a purchased product, triggering a refund if the item doesn’t fall into the delivery area.

Flexible payments

Avoid the scramble for cash and buy your next snack using your phone and mobile wallet.

Advanced vending technology

Enjoy state-of-the-art snack vending machines that enhance your Chicago break area and provide reliable service.

Customize the snack vending machine mix from our wide variety of products.

Optimize the break area in your Chicago business with snack vending machine service from Yami Fresh at 847.423.2448;