Yami Fresh School Vending Services Keep Students Healthy

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Yami Fresh School Vending Services Keep Students Healthy

Chicagoland schools should teach students healthy lifestyle habits. This sets them up for success as adults. However, busy students might skip lunch. Or, they’ll chow down on sugary sweets. Thus, healthy school vending services are on-campus must-haves. More ever, our healthy vending services provide students easy access to healthy snacks, beverages, and fresh food.

Yami Fresh can help! We offer healthy vending services to Cook County schools. Our Chicago healthy vending machines keep students energized and refueled during the day.

Smart School Vending Services

Yami Fresh is passionate about students’ health. Therefore, we provide quality Chicago vending services. We’ll work with your school to customize the product selections, whether you need healthy snacks, fresh food, beverages, or traditional refreshments.

Students looking for a lunch meal like a sandwich or salad, or snacks like popcorn, or a refreshing beverage won’t need to go far for options. Even when the cafeteria is closed, the vending machines will be conveniently located with options they’ll love. Our team will work closely with your school to offer healthy and traditional options.

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For maximum convenience, our Chicagoland vending machines take multiple payment options. Students can pay with cash, credit cards, or mobile wallets. This makes it easy to buy the refreshments they want. Lastly, we remotely monitor our machines. Our vending machines will stay fully stocked. Students can kick hunger to the curb!

We Support the Smart Snacks for School Program

Yami Fresh is proud to participate in the Smart Snacks for School program! This national standard ensures that students make healthy choices to have the nutrition they need to learn and grow.

Students don’t just benefit from this program. Chicago schools do too! Chicagoland schools can earn money by using our healthy vending services. Want to learn more? Contact Yami Fresh to learn how you’re school can take advantage of this program.

School Vending Supports Students’ Health

Want to help students thrive? Give them easy access to healthy foods! We’ll work with you to ensure there are ample healthy selections within our snack, food, and beverage vending machines. In other words, students won’t have to rely solely on the cafeteria or nearby restaurants to stay fueled and energized throughout the day.

Healthy food promotes learning. Students will stay focused. Plus, they’ll have more energy. This helps them ace their assignments! Finally, healthy students take fewer sick days. They won’t miss class and fall behind.

Yami Fresh Helps Students Feel Their Best

Yami Fresh keeps Chicagoland students engaged with custom refreshment solutions. To learn more, contact us today at 847.423.2448. Yami Fresh specializes in office coffee, office pantry, vending, and micro-market services.